The Court Services Section of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing security for the judicial center.  Court Deputies provide security for 2 district court judges, 2 circuit court judges, and 1 domestic relations commissioner fiscal court.  There is s deputy assigned to each courtroom.
These deputies also take persons into custody by order of the court and arrest warrants and process them into the Scott County Jail. Our court Deputies serve civil and criminal summons on defendants and respondents, as well as severing warrants of arrest. Deputies are responsible for the care, custody and control of all prisoners within the courtroom.  The deputies have the use of two detention cells within the judicial center where prisoners may be kept while awaiting their proceedings.
Court Deputies also respond to law enforcement calls for service within the judicial center and the grounds surrounding it.  These disturbances usually arise from domestic, child support or divorce cases.  Providing safety and security to the judges in the courtrooms is also very high priority since the judge can become the target of emotional and sometimes physical outbursts.